American cuisine

Homemade Ice Cream

Crab Dip

Fresh Summer Strawberry and Peach Cobbler

It's summer time, the strawberries and peaches are in season, and that means time for a fresh summer fruit cobbler. Made with whole wheat flour, and no butter, this fruit cobbler tastes great with out all of the calories. 

Half Moon or Black and White Cookies

Famous as large (this recipe originally made 4 inch diameter cookies) delicatessan treats.

Gram's Cucumbers and Onions

Shortbread Cookies

These are a favorite of mine...they remind me of 'Lorna Doones'.

Ice Cream Quickbread as a Mini-Muffin

This recipe was all over the internet as 'Insanely Easy Two Ingredient Ice Cream Bread', but made as a loaf cake.

I prefer to use a mini-muffin tin and use them as finger food or on a cookie tray.

You can use ANY flavor of ice cream. Vanilla*  works, but specialites like 'Samoa' or 'Mint Chocolate Chip' are really good.

Lemon Blossoms

Our neighbor on Teresa Drive (Renchen Greiner) shared this recipe with me.  

I usually weigh the dry ingredients so I can halve the recipe.

Loquat Corn and Black Bean Salsa

Loquat Salsa with corn, mint, black beans.

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