American cuisine


My mother, Barbara (Bobbie) Mackie would always make this for my father, John Mackie's birthday.  It is a nice chocolate cake with cut up marshmallows between the layers and a marshmallow frosting


Our mother, Barbara Mackie,  called this Washington Stew, but we don't know where the name came from  We used to enjoy it on Friday nights because our parents went grocery shopping and this was quick to make.  My son, Peter loved it and our mother used to make it for him and Marcia when they would visit.  I made it for my family and still do.  It is a go to, easy and quick.

Grandmothers Butter Pound Cake

An old family recipe spanning four generations with classic texture and buttery taste - great for dessert or breakfast.  Also great with fresh fruit or ice cream. 

Chicken Salad

Great for a light summer meal.


Cinnamon Buns

Oreo Truffles

Beef Tips

Ham and cheese hot pockets

Ham and cheese hot pockets

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