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Lucta Toast

"Lucta Toast is the greatest innovation in toast since Melba"

When you bite into a toasted sandwich does it bother you when the hard scratchy toast rubs against the roof of your mouth?  Most people don't want to admit it but toast does annoy us, and in my opinion, is simply over heated.

The concept of Lucta toast is simple- toast just one side. When you assemble a sandwich the toasted side goes in the middle. Toasted side inside- the soft side outside.

When you bite into a sandwich made using Lucta toast you'll find he outside soft and warm , and crunchy on the inside. I find the crunchy inside brings out the grain flavor of bread.

AP Cake

Belgische Frühstückswaffeln

Amerikanische Fruehstueckswaffeln

Wikipedia: Öl

"A waffle is a cake cooked between two hot plates called a waffle iron. It has adistinctive grid like appearance, the result of raised partitions on the waffle iron. Traditional waffles in the US originated from pilgrims in 1620, who obtained the method from Holland. They are usually served as a sweet breakfast food, topped with butter and various syrups, but are also found in many different savory dishes as well. They are generally denser and thinner than the Belgian waffle, often using a quickbread type recipe."
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