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    I think I’ve added all the elements of a cookbook....but I can’t seem to find it anywhere. I can click on it’s title at the bottom of My Recipes, and I can view everything I’ve done in PDF, but I can’t actually find the finished product to print.


    Actually, I don’t even know where to find answers to my questions. Could you email me with this one?

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    Before all the baking with anyone, I made Sugar Cookie Cut-outs. I cut out the center of each cookie and filled it with crushed hard candies. When baked, they kind of looked like stained glass. I had poked a hole in them and Lisa put ribbon thru each so they could hang on the tree. Oh yeah, I sprinkled the with colored sugars before baking. After cooling, I coated them with ‘Modge Podge’ to make them last longer.

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    We began at 9 and worked ‘till 2.

    Everyone took a turn at dishes—�—�Clara seemed to do the most.

    Gina vacuumed the floors at the end.

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    We added the escorale to the soup at the dinner site.....the escorale absorbed most of the broth, and there was little broth left when we served.   Next year, more broth!


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    How do I print the cookbook? I have searched and can't find out how.