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Mascarpone Frosting

This is a rich, delicious frosting. You could increase the 10x sugar to a full cup. You could also substitute cocoa for some of the sugar to make a chocolate frosting.


Some recipes call for beating the cheese and sugar together. Then, beat the cream separately and fold the two together. This probably yields a lighter frosting.

Cream Puff Cake

There was a reality TV show called "Cake Boss". Margot especially enjoyed it. It was about a bakery in New Jersey and the family who ran it. The bakery was handed down to the children from their dad. The dad's speciality was Cream Puff Cake. Sounds good, no?

Anyway, I took this recipe from the Internet.       It makes a cream puff pastry to fit a  9 X 13 pan. You could use a larger recipe and have it fit a sheet pan. This recipe puts the filling on top of the pastry. I think I would split the puff and fill it, just like a traditional cream puff.

This recpipe used a cream cheese filling. I would probably use the regular filling in this collection--the one with the secret ingredient from Savoia's bakery.

Or, you could use this recipe but substitute Marscapone for the Cream Cheese.

....and then there's always just regular pudding.

Aunt May's Ice Box Cake

This is IT!!!! It's the only dessert Aunt May ever made. We waited for it every holiday. I've never seen it anywhere in a cookbook or on the Internet. 

Herb Loaf

This is a recipe that I don't remember my mother making.  Recently, cousin Angela 

Dalesio brought me the original. She'd eaten it a mom's and asked for a copy. This is that copy.


Ice Box Cake

This is from Joan's Mom. It IS NOT the ice box cake that Aunt May made.

Beef (or Veal) Goulash

I've included this recipe because it was in Mom's file of recipes. The recipe card has food stains on it, as tho she had it out as she worked. My mother NEVER made beef goulash. She often made veal stew and I think this may have been the recipe she used. Her favorite saying was, "A good cook never lets the recipe get in the way".

Pecan Rolls

This is essentially my mother's 'Butter Balls' recipe. It comes from Joan's Mom, Evelyn Rezek. 

Beef Barbeques

This recipe comes from Little Aunt Nettie. This was pretty much the go to item that was served at all the family gatherings, most often the graduation parties. They made it in the big table top roasters---everybody had one---and served it right from the roaster.

Toll House Cookies

This is from Joan's Mom (Evelyn Rezek). The title on the recipe card reads: "Tall House Cookies".

Jello pudding cake

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