American cuisine

Ice Box Cake

This is from Joan's Mom. It IS NOT the ice box cake that Aunt May made.

Beef (or Veal) Goulash

I've included this recipe because it was in Mom's file of recipes. The recipe card has food stains on it, as tho she had it out as she worked. My mother NEVER made beef goulash. She often made veal stew and I think this may have been the recipe she used. Her favorite saying was, "A good cook never lets the recipe get in the way".

Pecan Rolls

This is essentially my mother's 'Butter Balls' recipe. It comes from Joan's Mom, Evelyn Rezek. 

Beef Barbeques

This recipe comes from Little Aunt Nettie. This was pretty much the go to item that was served at all the family gatherings, most often the graduation parties. They made it in the big table top roasters---everybody had one---and served it right from the roaster.

Toll House Cookies

This is from Joan's Mom (Evelyn Rezek). The title on the recipe card reads: "Tall House Cookies".

Jello pudding cake

Jordon Marsh Blueberry Muffins - High altitude adjusted

Jimmy Dean party bites

Seafood Dip

Banana Bread - High altitude adjusted

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