Slow Cooker White Chicken Chili

Great for cold, blustery days!

Cream of Broccoli soup

Pasta e Fagioli

Potato Chowder

Sausage Corn Chowder

Warm your tummy chicken soup

A great way to start the winter, or feed a cold. There is nothing like a nice warm home-made bowl of chicken soup when you are not feeling well or want to just warm the soul! My kids love this home-made soup. Not so much the making of the chicken part but the eating part! 

Potato Soup

Pasta e Fagioli Soup

I just served this as the main dish along with some fresh out of the oven (unbelievably simple to make) Crusty Rustic Bread and some fresh garlic butter. To make the garlic butter I just combine 1 small clove of crushed garlic with 1/4 cup softened butter then season it with salt and fresh ground black pepper. It's a simple and amazing dinner that everyone will love. Enjoy!

Fresh Tomato Soup

While tomato soup recipes often call for tomatoes in myriad forms (fresh, roasted, canned, pasted, sun-dried, pureed or chopped, just to name a few), this soup intentionally highlights the gorgeous, perfectly-ripe tomatoes that currently grace our local markets. The last of the late summer crop are arguably the best tomatoes of the year (perhaps second only to the long awaited first bite in June). The heat truly brings out the sweetness of this often under-appreciated fruit. And in this recipe, the tomato is the star, giving the soup and flavor a brightness that off-season or canned tomatoes just can’t beat.

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