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cookies and bars


Another find from Margie. No one has made them yet.


This is a recipe in Mom's handwriting. I don't recall that she ever made them, but Margie does. Is this the recipe she uses?

Mom's Recipe for Jelly Roll or Sponge Cake Petit Fours

Mom made these for every occasion. They are very well liked.

She always made a cookie sheet of sponge cake and then cut them into 1 inch squares before icing with confectioner's Icing and then rolling in coconut. She made a second variety where she would flavor the icing with maple syrup and roll the cookies in chopped walnuts.


This is that cookie that you make with a special rolling pin. You could also roll the dough and use cookies stamps or cookie cutters.

Pecan Rolls

This is essentially my mother's 'Butter Balls' recipe. It comes from Joan's Mom, Evelyn Rezek. 

Toll House Cookies

This is from Joan's Mom (Evelyn Rezek). The title on the recipe card reads: "Tall House Cookies".

Tuxedo Cookies

Mexican Mocha Balls

Anise Biscotti

This was Aunt Nellie Dalesio's favorite cookie.

Congo Cookie Bars

I don't know where Mom got this recipe, but it was one of hers and my favorite cookies.

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