Cookies & Bars

cookies and bars

Tuxedo Cookies

Mexican Mocha Balls

Anise Biscotti

This was Aunt Nellie Dalesio's favorite cookie.

Congo Cookie Bars

I don't know where Mom got this recipe, but it was one of hers and my favorite cookies.


For Christmas my mother always made lots of cookies and my sister and I would get to help.  This was a favorite and she'd let Jackie and I roll the cookies into little balls and then dip a little "cheese" glass in flour and flatten each cookie.  We'd always sample the cherries and we ended up with pink hands from handling the dough,


There are many recipes out there, but this is one I have used since my children were small.  I used to make a double batch and wrap each one in waxed paper to take camping.  I brought them to a club meeting one time and a man almost swooned (fainted) when he saw them and tasted them.  He said he'd been trying to find a recipe for them ever for many years.  I gave him the recipe, but every time I'd see him he's ask if I had brought any whoopie pies.


Unusual cookies with my favorite ingredients, chocolate, sugar and meringue.


An nice bar that yields a lot if cut into smaller size.

Scandinavian Almond Bars

Buttery shortbread bar/cookies from Grandma's recipe box!

Monster Cookies

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