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Almond Biscotti

Perfect Almond Biscotti...

PIzzelles---Mom's Frittetelles

This is my Mom's recipe. It makes a thicker cookie because you use a stove top iron, not one of the electric ones.

Actually, I have the iron that my Mom's dad (Dionisio D'Alessio) brought with him from Italy. You can see where he had the village blacksmith heat and bend the handles so it would fit in his suitcase. Once here, he had them heated again and straightened. As it turns out, you can see his initials on the iron which then appears on the finished cookies.

I also have 3 other irons that make differently designed cookies. Some members of my family think it's an obsession with me.


Mom also called these "Hail Mary Cookies". She'd say one Hail Mary, flip the iron and say another. I remember many times asking her something as she prayed while making them. I can still see her holding up her finger indicating to me that she couldn't answer until she'd finished her Hail Mary. 


I can't believe I haven't added this recipe 'till now (10/8/16). I guess I've always just put it together, never thinking I should include it. 

And there's an interesting story about how I discovered that it wasn't here. The recipe calls for melted, cooled margarine. Well, I made the recipe and set the melted margarine aside to cool. After the cookies were done, I discovered that I'd not added the margarine. You might think the cookies would be ruined. Nope, there were just fine. No one could tell that there was no fat. How about that? A low calorie cookie!!! To prove it, I added both recipes (with margarine and without) to a site that creates nutritional labels from recipes (

When you use the full amount of margarine, the calorie count for 4 cookies is 320; for half the margarine, the count is 266 and for no margarine the count is 212.

I can't get over it.


Another find from Margie. No one has made them yet.


This is a recipe in Mom's handwriting. I don't recall that she ever made them, but Margie does. Is this the recipe she uses?

Mom's Recipe for Jelly Roll or Sponge Cake Petit Fours

Mom made these for every occasion. They are very well liked.

She always made a cookie sheet of sponge cake and then cut them into 1 inch squares before icing with confectioner's Icing and then rolling in coconut. She made a second variety where she would flavor the icing with maple syrup and roll the cookies in chopped walnuts.


This is that cookie that you make with a special rolling pin. You could also roll the dough and use cookies stamps or cookie cutters.

Pecan Rolls

This is essentially my mother's 'Butter Balls' recipe. It comes from Joan's Mom, Evelyn Rezek. 

Toll House Cookies

This is from Joan's Mom (Evelyn Rezek). The title on the recipe card reads: "Tall House Cookies".

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