Inviting friends and family to join

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Do I go to 'invite friends' in 'My Groups' and enter email addresses? That doesn't seem to work. Do my friends have to register and join on their own and then I can invite them?

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RE: Inviting friends and family to join.

Hi Dennis,

Yes, you can invite a non-member (not a registered user at to join your group. Inviting a non-registered friend/guest (not a registered user at is a variation of "Invite a User to Join Your Group - Add User Method #3) - see help topics listed below.

From the "My Group" box at the top of the right-hand sidebar click on your group name. When your group page is up, click on the "Invite Friend" link in the "Group" navigation box at the top of the right-hand sidebar.

From the "Send Invitation" form, type in the email address of your friend/guest that you want to invite in the "Email addresses or usernames" box. Email addresses can be an address of a non-registered guest, usernames would be the username of a registered user at You can add a personal message to the "invite" email in the "Personal Message" box, this gets appended to the "Invite" email message. Then hit the "Send invitiation" button.

This will send an invite email to the recipient with instructions and links telling them they have to first register at and then once they have a user account, they can click the next link to request to join your group. Once the invited friend/guest registers at (step #1) and then clicks on the link to "request to join your group" (step #2), you, as the administrator will get a notification that they have requested to join your group, and then you have to aprove the request.

There are a few steps involved, you might want to see the help guides that explain how all of this works ...

Under top-level menu "Help", select "Groups" sub-topic and see the following group administration sub-topics ...

If you have a spare second email address (so you can join as a second user), try testing all of this out on yourself so you can better understand how it works, and what the different email messages and steps look like to the friend/guest that your inviting to join your group.

Hope that helps, if you have trouble getting this to work, let us know, we're glad to lend a hand ....

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