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Christmas Cookies 2017

Thursday before, I made sponge cake for Petit Fors and Neopolitans.

Friday I iced the Neopolitans and made the dough for:

      Butter Balls....double batch

      Cornstarch....single batch

      Kipfuls.....single batch

      Thumbprints....double batch


On Saturday the 9th,

Gina, Clara, AnnMary, Lisa joined Joan and I:

AnnMary iced the petit fors

Gina did butterballs

Clara did cornstarch....some pressed and some cookie cutters

Cookies for Jeneve’s PCC

The Phelps Community Center has a fund raiser where people like us donate cookies and others purchase them. Jeneve and family have donated each year for the past 3 years.

Today we made:

1/4 sponge cake served up at coconut covered petit fors (6 dozen)

Double recipe of Butter Balls (6 dozen)

Double recipe of Cornstarch cookies (12 dozen)

Double recipe of Lemon Iced Sugar Cookies (6 dozen)

Single recipe of Finger Sandwich Butter Cookies (3 dozen singles, not sandwiches)

Single recipe of Gramma’s Sugar Cookie Cutouts (4 dozen)

Soup for Thanksgiving—2017

November 19, 2017

Soup with little meatballs for Thanksgiving Dinner

Gina, Clara, AnnMary, Joan and Dennis

4-5 pounds of ground pork
13 Heads of escarole*
10 boxes of broth
2 pounds of carrots
1 large head of celery
6 large onions
10 pounds of chicken

Gina began cleaning the escarole*
Clara and AnnMary chopped onions, carrots, celery

AnnMary and Dennis cooked the onions
Clara helped her mom clean the escarole*

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