American cuisine

Double chocolate chip cookies

Baked Chicken Taquitos

Perfectly crispy out of the oven, the San Diego way to serve them is to melt a little more shredded cheese on top and add a big dollop of guacamole and sour cream.  You can serve them however you’d like, of course.  Even if you just want a little dunker of salsa instead of the guacamole deal, that works too.  These taquitos were a MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR hit with my family.  So good.

Cheesy Baked Jalapeno Poppers

Well these are so good that I couldn’t stop eating them.  I stared at these mascarpone and chive-filled poppers as the smell of freshly baked cheese wafted through the air, as they beckoned me with their seductive straight-from-the oven heat.  ”EAT ME,” they said “before we cool off and our cheddar no longer oozes and our pepper oils no longer tickle your tongue with fire.”

Orange Creamsicle Smoothie

This delicious smoothie is sweetened with oranges and vanilla yogurt.  It’s a thick, cold, smooth treat that can be enjoyed any time of day

Braised Artichokes with Garlic

I was imagining us sitting at the table with a bottle of prosecco, roasted chicken wings, and these artichokes. We’re eating everything with our hands, unabashedly scraping artichoke leaves with our teeth and eyeing the last few cloves of the braised garlic. I haven’t had much success preparing artichokes in any other way besides the old Italian–American standby—stuffed with breadcrumbs and steamed—that is, until I prepared these little babies. This recipe is insanely good and I’m going to make artichokes in this way forevermore. I needed to add water throughout the cooking process. In the end, I added an additional 3/4 cup of water in 1/4-cup intervals when the pot threatened to run dry and scorch. Don’t add the additional water up front, as you’ll never deeply brown your garlic or artichokes and those crispy brown bits are treasures. Add a little salt into the heart cavity with the parsley. I also used baby artichokes, which surprisingly took the same amount of time to cook, yet I didn’t have to scoop out the choke during prep. Enjoy—this recipe is a true crowd-pleaser. I can’t wait to serve these to friends.


Spinach and Artichoke Bread Pudding

Bread pudding is usually considered a dessert. But this rich and savory version packed with spinach, artichokes and cheese is a perfect side for both dinner or brunch.

Pumpkin Crunch Cake

Pumpkin AND crunchiness…now this is a great combo b/c usually everything with pumpkin is smooth and I love some crunchy textures mixed into things!

Pecan Orange Bread

When you flip this moist, fluffy cake out of the pan and onto a plate, it just looks so pretty! And by the time I bit into my first bite, I had forgotten about the cream cheese filling hidden inside... talk about a nice surprise!

Asparagus and Mushroom Quiche

I baked this delicious quiche in a 9-inch spring form pan. It slid out easily onto a serving plate which made it look very inviting. When I saw the mushrooms, bright green asparagus and gooey cheese, I couldn't wait to take a bite! I wasn't disappointed. It tastes great!

Cream Cheese Coffee Cake

Oh, cream cheese…. I don’t know what it is that is so appealing about cream cheese, but man, it really knows how to turn the delicious dial up on things! haha Seriously, whether it is used in a savory casserole or a cake frosting, cream cheese wins me over every time. So it is no surprise that I have been eyeing this coffee cake for a long time now. I finally couldn’t wait another minute longer and had to throw it together as soon as I got back home

This is a kind of “show-stopping” coffee cake. It comes out picture perfect- exactly what you want to serve to guests that you are trying to impress. And of course the best part is not only that it looks great, but it tastes wonderful. Everything is so moist and creamy, contrasting beautifully with the crunchy almond-sugar topping. You really win in every aspect with this cake.

A few words of advice with this cake- to get the absolute best results with the cream cheese filling, it is super important for your cream cheese to be soft! If it’s not soft enough, you’re batter will be lumpy and no matter how much you mix, there will always be lumps. I always beat the sugar into the cream cheese to soften it up really well before adding anything else, especially liquids. This usually helps quite a bit.

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