American cuisine

Granny Winters' Bacardi Rum Cake

Rum adds a delightful flavor to this wonderfully moist cake.  Serves a lot because it is rich so pieces should be small.

Granny Winters' Harvard Beets

These were Granny's favorite treat to accompany any meal.

Steph's Mile High Strawberry Pie

Beautiful pie and easy.

Granny Winters Homemade Cornbread

The best buttermilk cornbread recipe ever.

The boys hamburger casserole

Cake flour substitute

Sam's cakes (the best pancakes)

My family loves this recipe. I've made tons of pancake batters and this by far is the best ever. 

Grits and Cheese Breakfast Casserole

Buttermilk Pancakes

The famous Buttermilk Pancakes from Paul Gilpin. I waited years for him to let me have this recipe. I can get 24 four inch pancakes (I cook on my electric grill so I make the smaller ones) or a dozen eight inch from this recipe.

Bloody Mary Mix

This mix has an awesome savory flavor with a medium spicy kick. The great thing about Bloody Mary's is that you can garnish with whatever you feel like (or have) and rim the glass or not. I like green olives and a celery stick.

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