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Homemade Pasta made with Chickpea Flour

Once, when on a strict no carb diet, I developed this recipe because I like my pasta.

1 cup chickpea flour

1 egg

1 Tablesppoon olive oil


I’ve doubled this recipe, but not much more than that . It’s not a very forgiving dough and can be difficult to roll and cut.

It has a nutty, not very pleasant flavor when eaten raw. Once cooked though, you can barely tell the difference between it and regular semolina flour dough. It’s really good!

Homemade Pasta

Mom used white flour, eggs and water for her pasta. She mixed it by hand—as described in most recipes: make a well in center of flour and add eggs. Mix with a fork as you slowly incorporate the flour until you have to mix by hand. Knead the dough for about 5 minutes and then cover and let rest.

I don’t think she had specific amounts of flour and eggs; she just ‘felt’ the dough. I watched her often enough to pick up the technique and guess at the ratio of liquid to flour. It works out, for me, as this:

      3 cups of flour

Christmas Cookie Bake—2005

1 recipe of Chocolate Chips

Double recipe of Sugar Cookie Cut-outs

1 recipe of Kolochy

1/2 recipe of Basic Dough for fig and ricotta filled cookies

1 recipe Butter Balls

1 recipe Cornstarch

1/2 recipe of Kipful dough

1 recipe of Neopolitans



We gave:

1 dish to Margot’s pre-school class

1 for dessert at out house

1 more for dessert at our house with Joan’s mom

1 dish to Jeneve to give to Carolyn

1 dish for dinner with Marilyn

Christmas Cookie Bake—2007

Joan, Dennis, Margie, Maria, Gina

Sunday baking with kids cancelled because of weather....Maria came on Wednesday

Basic Dough for Fig and Ricotta Cheese filled cookies

Buter Balls

Cookie Press Cookies

Cornsarch Cookies

Finger Sandwich Filled Cookies


Butter Rossette


Chocolate Walnut Puffs

Chocolate Chips

Linzer Tarts

Sugar Cookie Cut-outs

Chocolate Almond Cookies

Forgotten Cookies (Joan’s recipe)

Christmas Cookies—-2009


Joan, Dennis, Gina, Geriann, Maria



Italian Butter Cookie

Nut Cookie Tartletts


Finger Sandwich Butter Cookie

Basic Dough for Fig and Ricotta Cheese Filling

Butter Balls

Butterscotch Crunchies Chinese Noodle Cookie

Cornstarch Cookie




Scotch Shortbread

Chocolate Crinkle

Chocolate Mint Evergreen Cookie (Rachel Ray)

Linzer Tart


Christmas Cookie Bake—-December 11, 2011

Dennis, Joan, Georgia, Margot

Gina, Clara, AnnMary


Maria, Garrett, Gerald


8AM -4:30PM


Dennis—sponge Cake Petit Fors, butter sandwich (baked a day before), Almond Spritz (baked a day before), Fig Filling and Ricotta Cheese Filling(made a week before), full batch of Basic Cookie Dough

Joan—Sugar cookie cut-outs

Christmas Cookie Bake—-Unknown year

Mary iced cookies—cleaned up—organized my shelves

Gina did thumbprints, cornstarch, sponge cake Petit Fors and washed dishes

Geriann made kipfuls, basic dough cookies and cleaned up

Maria made butterballs, sponge cake Petit Fors and cleaned up

Jim Jr. and Taylor made ricotta cookies and rolled basic dough

David, Renee and Taylor made ricotta cookies and cutouts

Clara iced Neopolitans and divided up cookies

Maria brought a neighbor who made Pizzelles

Kipfuls—9 doz

Sponge Cake Petit Fors—15 doz

Christmas Cookies 2013

Gina, Geriann, Maria and some of their kids on 12/18/13

All of the cookies below



I made the fig filling and ricotta filling for all

For Denielle on 11/29/13

Basic Dough

Buter Balls


Linzer Tarts

Sugar cookie cut-outs


For Jeneve on 12/7/13


Butter Balls

Italian Meatballs


Sponge Cake Petit fors

Ittalian Butter Cookie



Cookies for Family Parties

For Jeneve and Tim’s wedding, we made trays but I have no records.



For Denielle and Tumeca’s wedding celebration on 9/6/14, we made:

3 weeks before and froze:

Chocolate Chips——Joan’s Mom’s recipe—1 and 1/2 recipes

Soft Anise Biscotte—-Mangione recipe

Mom’s Pizzelle recipe on Gramp D‘Alessio’s pizzelle iron

Italian lemon cookies—-Mangione recipe—-2 recipes

2 weeks before:

Machine Cookies—-p54 Mangione recipe

Christmas Cookies 2016

We did cookies with Nellie and Tumeca after Thanksgiving. 

We also did cookies with Jeneve twice. Once as a donation for the Phelps Community Center and once for her friends and co-workers.

On cookie day: Maria, Garrett, Gerald, Gina, AnnMary, Clara(her boyfriend).


I don’t know how accurate all this is....I found some scratched notes and tried to put it all together a year later (that’s the 2nd or 3rd time I’ve said that)./



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