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Family Photographs for your Family Cookbook

As you plan and layout your family cookbook, be sure to include plenty of photographs and images. Not only do photographs bring an exciting visual dimension to your recipes, you'll want to capture the memories that family photographs will add to your family cookbook.

A family cookbook is more than a collection of your family recipes. This is your special opportunity to tell the family story and capture your family history. And all of those photographs that you've collected over the years make the perfect addition to your family cookbook.

Here are a few ways to incorporate photographs in your family cookbook

  • Recipe and food images
  • Family portrait (the family group)
  • Portraits and pictures of family members
  • Honor the chefs and cooks behind the family recipes with a photo
  • Pictures of babies, children and grandchildren
  • Pictures of the family pets (how about a funny food story or mishap with a family pet to go along with a picture of your pooch)
  • Pictures at the holidays
  • Pictures from family vacations
  • Pictures from family events and celebrations including family reunions, birthdays, weddings, etc.
  • Pictures in the kitchen
  • Pictures of the houses and towns where your family has lived

Tell the story with pictures and words. 

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