Authentic Tacos


SourceDebra Brown
Prep Time45 minutes
CategoryMain Dish


This recipe was taught to me by the Chavez family. My children, Jeremiah and Dawn's great grandparents and grandparents. 

They came from Mexico and this is how they made their tacos. They made their own tortillas and salsa. I was given a tort roller and board along with a placa to make the tortillas. We now buy our tortillas at the Mexican market.

We serve our tacos with Sopa: This is fried rice or vermecilli. We also have re-fried beans


  • Paper Towels
  • Head of lettuce-grated
  • oil
  • Toothpicks- will need 3 toothpicks per Taco
  • Salsa or homemade Salsa
  • Grated Cheese
  • Drained peas
  • Potatoes-chopped small
  • hamburger browned-crumbled
  • Tortillas


Fry hamburger until crumbled and done. Drain off grease and add 1 can of drained peas. Mix

Lay out a tortilla and fill down the middle with hamburger mixture. Toothpick sides and top.

Fry it hot oil until golden brown, fry both sides of the Taco. 

Drain on paper towels.

Remove toothpicks and fill Tacon with lettuce, cheese and salsa.


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