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Hello Family! 

From the days of wonderful dinners at Aunt Dorothy and Uncle Walter's farm, to Aunt Ruthies wonderful cakes, to the dinners we have enjoyed at the lake and in each other's homes, the Schwartz family has had a love of food!!  

What better way to celebrate that than to share some of our favorite recipes with each other.  Thanks for including all the favorites of the past, plus any new favorites you discover.    A little history with them is always a special touch!!

Also, I do know that there are some of our guys out there that are great cooks, so gentlemen, don't be shy!!

And please keep in mind that some of us have skills that range more toward the simpler side of things, so there is no such thing as too easy!   (Also, some of us also have unfortunate histories with sharp utensils, so if you can minimize the slicing and dicing....)

Won't it be fun to make something delicious using a recipe from family?  Even though we are miles apart, we can share some food!!




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