Creating a Family Cookbook - Preserve the Memories

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I encounter stories everyday about the special way families all over the world remember their loved ones through the family cookbook. There is something universally special about the family recipes and the love and nurturing we receive by way of mom's home cooking.

A Family Cookbook is about Remembering Our Loved Ones

Some families actually take the extra initiative to capture and preserve the family recipes in a permanent record or archive. It's as simple as creating a family cookbook. What's actually more tragic is allowing our mothers and grandmothers to pass and take their special family recipes and cooking secrets with them. Gone forever is the chance to capture these recipes and pass on the family cooking tradition from generation to generation. And gone forever is the chance to create a permanent link to your loved ones that lets you visit and revisit these special food and cooking memories over and over again. Almost every family remarks for years to follow how much they appreciate taking the time to create a family cookbook and preserve the memories of their loved ones.

Carli's Bee Cheese - a recipe and a story about remembering mom

See this particularly touching story about creating a family cookbook at one of Lara Ferroni's blogs called "Cook and Eat". By the way, Lara is a wonderful food photographer as well. Her work can be found at and numerous magazines featured in the Pacific Northwest. Lara talks about "how she had stumbled upon an old treasure … a cookbook that Carli, her step mother, and her father had made for all of the kids of her recipes back in 1989." ... "The book had been missing for years, tucked away in some box during one of Lara's moves years ago." ... And how "she was thrilled to have rediscovered it".

It's easy to create a family cookbook

At Family Recipe Central, we celebrate the family cooking tradition and encourage everyone we can to create a family cookbook. At our website, we'd like to think we've created a more helpful and easier way to capture the family recipes. And once you've captured your family recipes, you can create a family cookbook with "one push of the button". Better yet, with the help of the "family group" feature on the website, you can collaborate with other members of your family in a safe and secure environment to capture, document and create your own family cookbook. Don't let those precious family cooking memories slip away. Why don't you think about creating a family cookbook today. You can get started by signing up for an account at this website (see the left-hand sidebar, upper corner for the new member signup box). It's FREE, it's easy and it's actually lots of fun!

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Family cookbook.

I just thought you would like to know. i am making a family cookbook and i am loving it. it is going to be such a nice Christmas present. well the program that i use to make my family cookbook is Cook'n it is really neat! anyway just thought i would share the idea!

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re: Family Cookbook

A family cookbook makes a wonderful holiday gift!

Yes, there are a number of good software products for your home PC to create and manage recipes and recipe books.

We provide many of the same features for creating and editing recipes and recipe cookbooks at our site here at Family Recipe Central. One of the big advantages that we provide over the PC based software is the group feature. It's very powerful when you can allow multiple family members to collaborate online, wherever they're located in the world, and create the family cookbook together.

Oh yes, and our price is hard to beat - it's FREE! Most of the home PC software costs $75 to $100 or more.

Thanks for sharing your idea about the family cookbook for Christmas. Your family will love it!

And we'd love to hear back from you, let us know how your family cookbook turns out.