The community at Family Recipe Central is what sets us apart.

Create your family cookbook at Family Recipe Central.

Much more than just another recipe web site, it's the community here at Family Recipe Central that truly sets us apart. We mean the community of family. And the community of friends.

a better way to organize your family recipesA cherished tradition world wide, the family collection of recipes handed down from generation to generation is a universal social custom near and dear to all of our hearts.

Nothing brings warm feelings of nurturing and comfort to mind faster than the thought of Mom's home cooking (or maybe Dad's). OK, maybe your Mom isn't always the greatest cook (hey, we can't all be this fortunate), but perhaps it's that holiday meal over at Aunt Bettie's house that hits the spot?

Or maybe those barbecued ribs that nobody does better than Uncle Hal?

In the spirit of great family cooking, we're committed to helping families everywhere preserve and protect their family recipe heirloom and create the family cookbook.

We've created a unique community environment here at Family Recipe Central to help you do just that!

The Community and Group Features Set Us Apart ...

At the website, each family can create a group. Within your family group you can come together, wherever your family members might be located, and collaborate on recording, documenting, collecting, sharing, improving, and growing your collection of family recipes. A powerful recipe management system lets you easily manage your recipes in so many ways, including the ability to publish your recipe collections in your own family cookbook.

To facilitate this family activity, you have tools including a private group forum or message board, and a family blog. A group calendar helps you plan, coordinate and schedule family events such as a family reunion. And the family group image gallery is the perfect gathering place to share pictures and photos.

Each member also has their own personal profile and area to manage their own personal recipe collection, photos and images, as well as your own personal blog.

Make connections with other members in the community, share recipes, discover family cooking traditions from around the world with the ability to directly interact with other families and friends within the community if you choose. What's more fun than discovering a great recipe from a family living in France, and then be able to share and interact with that family directly, perhaps to clarify a recipe ingredient or cooking technique.

You are probably starting to get the picture. So get started today. Give Family Recipe Central a try, start your own family recipe collection and never lose track of another recipe again.

Don't wait. Simply sign-up for a FREE membership account in the top-left hand sidebar and create your family cookbook today!

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