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A Family Cookbook Can Be a Living Heirloom

Almost every family has a collection of family recipes that we want to protect and preserve so that we can pass on our family cooking tradition from one generation to the next. Let's face it, food and cooking is one of the universal ways we connect with our families.

Creating a family cookbook is one of the best ways to capture, preserve and share our special family recipes. If you haven't created your family cookbook yet, you should give this some serious consideration. It's not as difficult as you might think. And your family will truly appreciate this gesture of love.

In fact, with today's powerful online technology and tools like we provide at Family Recipe Central, it's easier than ever to collaborate online with your family members and produce your own family cookbook.

Even more compelling, we offer a unique approach to family cookbook publishing that let's your family cookbook become a living heirloom.

So how can a family cookbook become a living heirloom? Well, first consider the more traditional approach to putting together a family cookbook. It's much more a manual process. It goes something like this ....

Food and Holidays - Ideas For Your Family Cookbook

Almost every holiday we celebrate comes with a vast lineup of traditional recipes we like to prepare. We know the familiar holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukah, Easter, and the 4th of July that immediately bring to mind the expectations of memorable food associated which each holiday. Of course the Thanksgiving turkey, the Christmas ham, and of course we can't leave out those barbecue ribs at the 4th of July.

The food that we enjoy at holidays and the many recipes that we prepare at the celebration of each holiday provide great ideas and themes for your family cookbook. You can create entire sections of recipes and memorable stories in your family cookbook around each of the holidays that brings family together.

If you have enough ideas and recipe material, you can even dedicate an entire family cookbook theme to just one holiday. A collection of Thanksgiving recipes with pictures and stories about the family thrown in, for example. Or a collection of all of the dishes that were served at your last Christmas holiday gathering. Perhaps something like the "Hill Family 2008 Christmas Recipe Cookbook" as another example. The holiday food ideas for your next family cookbook are almost unlimited.

OK, so much for the well known holidays ... I'm sure you get the idea.

But you might not be aware of the many lesser known food holidays throughout the year. Whether some of the more obscure food holidays and food celebrations offer good ideas and themes for your family cookbook, you'll have to decide. But I assure you, the field is wide open.

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