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Pavlova with Strawberries

This is a meringue-based dessert named after a Russian ballerina named Anna Pavlova. It's incredibly addictive and perfect for summer.

Classic Spaghetti Carbonara

Absolutely to die for and, with as unhealthy as it is, it could be the death of you. I wouldn't indulge too often, but when I do, I like to make a dessert that uses all those egg whites. My favorite dessert? Pavlova with Strawberries! I'm feeling fat just thinking of them. I can't tell you how much I love these two recipes. They're my all-time favorite. ~Michelle

Italian Polenta Pots with Shrimp and Basil Pesto
Chicken Salad

Great for a light summer meal.

Mexican Bean Salad

Fresh, tasty and healthy side dish!

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Recipesort icon Date Chef Cuisine Category
Chicken Breasts with Sage and Lemon 01/08/2010 recipebob Italian Poultry
Chicken Casserole 09/02/2010 LisaAtha Casseroles
Chicken Mole 08/11/2009 recipebob Mexican Poultry
Chicken Salad 04/29/2015 dmseabaugh American Salads
Chicken Thighs and Rice 01/29/2014 gorgo American Casseroles
Chicken Tortilla Soup 11/23/2011 ZoeChloe Soups
Chili with Ground Pork and Red Beans 02/28/2010 tpill American Chili
Chipotle Salsa 08/11/2009 recipebob Mexican Salsas
Chocolate Candy Cake 07/08/2012 Onebolf American Cakes
Chocolate Pumpkin Cake 02/20/2014 gorgo Armenian Cakes
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