Thin Crust Pizza Dough - Video Step by Step Instruction

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Pizza is definitely a popular convenience food. And while it may seem easier to have that pizza delivered from your local pizza shop, you may not realize that homemade pizza dough is really not that difficult to prepare.

If you're a pizza fan, nothing quite compares to a fresh, homemade pizza!

Pizza styles can become a religious debate. I admit, I'm a thin-crust pizza fan. I prefer a freshly prepared thin-crust pizza that has just enough of the cracker consistency. I find a little crunch to the pizza a more satisfying balance between the pizza crust and the toppings. For my taste, I don't really care for a pizza that has an overwhelming, thick doughey bread crust.

Here's an instructional video from that demonstrates an easy way to make your own thin-crust pizza dough at home. Give it a try, you'll love the great pizza you can make.

See "Thin-crust Pizza Dough recipe" for more details.

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