Improvements to Recipe Editing and Recipe Ingredients

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We've made a few adjustments to the Recipe editing module at Family Recipe Central that our users will want to know about.

Recipe Ingredients - Reordering the Ingredients List

The inability to re-order the items in the recipe ingredients list has been a frustrating limitation on our system. After you put your recipe ingredients in and save the recipe, you may want to change the order of one or more of the ingredients in the list. Worse, if you update an ingredient such as fixing a spelling mistake or rewording the ingredient description, the system will change the order of the updated ingredient in the list, usually moving the item to the end of the list.

We're currently working on an update release that will include a number of enhancements to the recipe ingredients list including a drag-and-drop interface to easily reorder the list.

In the meantime, we've provided an interim solution that makes it possible to reorder the ingredient list.

Notice the new item# column. The value placed in the Item# column will designate the order in which that ingredient item is displayed, with "1" being first, and the highest number being last.

Recipe ingredient list Item# column to reorder list

Let's say you want to flip item# 4, "coarse salt" with the  last ingredient 'fresh ground black pepper'. You would change the item# for 'coarse salt' to 7 and the item# for 'fresh ground black pepper' to 4 as follows:

Then hit the "Save" button at the bottom of the recipe form to save your changes to the ingredient list order.

Recipe Add/Edit Preview

The "Preview" button in the Recipe Add/Edit form has never worked properly, and in some cases has caused users to lose a recipe that they've just keyed in. We've removed the "Preview" button to prevent any mishaps  and eliminate this confusion (something we should have done some time ago).

Thanks for the valuable feedback from our users as we continue to improve and make Family Recipe Central the best recipe and cookbook editing site available.

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