The Family Cookbook Preserves Your Family History

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More people everywhere are discovering one of the best ways to preserve the family history is with a family cookbook.

Our cherished family experience bridges the generations. For many of us, it would be nice if we could find more ways to establish more permanent and lasting connections. Better ways to document the family history, to preserve the family tradition. And to pass on the family experience, lessons and knowledge from one generation to the next.

Along with family scrapbooks and family photo albums, have you thought about a family cookbook? How often do you wish you would have paid more attention to capturing and preserving your mother's, grandmother's or favorite aunt's special recipes?

Here's an article posted in the Christian Science Monitor that talks about the "family cookbook" as a recipe for preserving the family history.

There's something universal around the world when it comes to the family cooking tradition. When you think about it, food is one of the core foundations of the family experience. Food is not only about human sustenance, it also brings us pleasure and is at the center of so many family activities. The family dinner table, the holiday gathering, and the family celebrations.

A family cookbook is not only the perfect way to capture and preserve the family food tradition, it's an ideal way to teach the younger generation the secrets of the kitchen that are unique and special to each and every family.

There's great appeal to put your family's culinary legacy down on paper. And there are many ways to accomplish this including companies that you can pay to help you publish a family cookbook.

Here at Family Recipe Central, we think we've come up with an easier and better way for you to compile, publish and share your family recipes with your own family cookbook. And it won't cost you a dime.

Family Recipe Central is a community website where you can create your own family group. Think of a family group at Family Recipe Central as your own family website. A family group is private and safe. Only members you invite to join your family group have access to the content inside the group.

Within a family group, you can enter and document your family recipes (including recipe photos and images), record the family history, upload and share family photos and images, collaborate through your own family blog and family forum, schedule and track family events with signups, and much more ...

The group feature is a powerful collaborative tool. Invite other family members to join and participate in your family group, and help you collaborate on the family recipe collection. Think of the family group function as a virtual online family kitchen, It's a perfect opportunity to bring family members together, wherever they might be located anywhere in the world, and forge even more family connections.

And here's the best feature of all. Once you've entered and captured your family recipes, you can create recipe books. A recipe book is a collection of any combination of your family recipes, compiled in an attractive electronic book format that you can share with other family members and friends. A recipe book can also include photos and images, as well as content that you can write to publish and document your family history, or any other family topic you choose to write about.

You can create as many different versions of family recipe books as you like. For example, one family book might be a collection of favorite holiday recipes, and another might focus on a "family baking and desserts" theme. And family recipe books make a perfect gift at the holidays that your family members will cherish for years to come.

So go ahead, unleash your family cookbook just waiting to be published. It's easy and fun! Just sign-up and register for a FREE account - see the sign up box at the top of the left-hand sidebar.

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