Cooking Up a Story - The Art of Food Photography

You can have a lot of fun creating and composing your recipes and cookbooks at Family Recipe Central. One of the features that our users appreciate is the ability to embed and include photographs in your recipes and cookbook pages. And, sooner or later, this introduces you to the challenge for "Food Photography".

When I became interested in publishing my own recipes and the creative process of putting a family cookbook together, it didn't take long to realize that shooting pictures of food is not as easy as it looks. Or maybe it's not so much that it looks easy. But how often have you compared your own food pictures to the stunning food photography we often see in cookbooks or on some of the food websites around the Internet, and scratched your head with the question, "how do they take such great food photos"?

Ginger Fish Upclose Food Photography

Fortunately, with a little bit of practice and following a few practical food photography tips, you can take pretty good photos of your food that will be just fine for your family recipes and for publishing in your family cookbook.

In fact, we're going to put together a "food photography" how-to and tip sheet, so watch out for that .


In the meantime, have a look at the following video, "The Art of Food Photography", from the "The Cooking Up a Story" channel on Youtube. You may be surprised to find out what happens behind the scenes with food photography. There's a little more to it than just point and shoot!

For example, did you know that many commercial food photo shoots employ a "food stylist"? It's a big business, taking those tantalizing photographs of food ...

By the way, "Cooking Up a Story" on Youtube is one of my favorite online cooking locations. Cooking Up a Story releases about one video every week or so that features “a story about real people and their special connections to food and sustainable living”. They do emphasize a theme about sustainable food and living and those working to change our world for the better through agriculture, ecology, and the environment. It's a fun collection of video stories about many family related food and cooking subjects so enjoy having a look around.

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