Broccoli Tips

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Broccoli is a super nutritious vegetable

Here are some interesting broccoli tips of the information variety. Of course, the kind of broccoli tips you can eat are often called florets. broccoli is a nutritious vegetable Fresh broccoli is available year round, but the best season is from October to May. Look for broccoli with more slender stalks. Overly thick stalks may indicate older broccoli. Wilted leaves and yellowish buds also indicate older broccoli that's not as fresh.

The broccoli clusters should be firm and a rich green color. Best to prepare your broccoli as soon as you purchase, but refrigeration will help to retain the vitamin A and vitamin C content.

Broccoli is full of healthful nutrients. One cup of chopped broccoli contains 90% of the RDA of vitamin A, 200% of vitamin C, 6% of niacin, 10% of calcium, 10% of thiamine, 10% of phosphorous and 8% of iron. It also provides 25% of your daily fiber needs. And in addition to all of the vitamins and minerals, a one cup serving of broccoli provides 5 grams of protein.The EPA lists over 50 pesticides that can be used on broccoli. Be sure to always wash broccoli thoroughly to remove any residue of pesticides.

The broccoli florets (tops) have almost eight times as much beta-carotine as the stalks.

There are many recipes and preparations that are delicious using raw, uncooked broccoli. Even cooked, broccoli has 15% more vitamin C than an orange and as much calcium as milk.

The best cooking methods to retain the nutrients in broccoli are either to steam it, stir-fry or boil in a small amount of water.

Here's a great recipe suggestion for broccoli cranberry salad.

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