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Rockwood Family Recipes

Mom's Recipes

beachgirl 0 1 Nov 11 Request membership
Interfaith Friendship Circle

It is here that we can all share some of the wonderful recipes that we shared at the Interfaith dinner.

Barnert Cooks 0 1 May 16 Closed
Pospishil/Pack Family Cookbook

Collecting and sharing all of our lovely recipes :)

spospishil 0 1 May 12 Invite only
New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve Recipies

forsdick 0 1 Jan 13 Invite only
Barnert Cooks

This online cookbook is a place for all of us to share our favorite recipes.

Barnert Cooks 0 1 Feb 16 Request membership
Seguin Family & Extended Family

Our favorite recipes

Chestergal 0 1 Jul 13 Invite only
Indian Recipes

Recipes from family members

hawesfamily 0 1 Dec 15 Request membership
Stramara Family Recipes

old Family Recipes

slvrlunastar 0 1 Jan 10 Join
Jamie's Awesome Cookbook

Family and friends recipes

Ljones210 0 1 Jun 14 Request membership
Magnafici Family

Emil & Theresa Maganfici Decendents - Dixon, Illinois

MangiaMangia 0 1 Feb 11 Invite only
Kleinendorst Family Cook Book

We may be scattered to the wind, but food always brings us home.

KellyKay 0 1 Sep 15 Request membership
Edwards' Favorite Recipes

Kenny & Sachi's kids, grandkids, great-grandkids, friends... we all love to eat!

slt 0 1 Jun 14 Invite only
Poliferno Family

United States

Mariarose 0 1 Aug 15 Request membership
Pitifer Family and Friends

Collection of favorite recipes from the Pitifer clan and all extended families

jimpitifer 0 1 Nov 12 Request membership
Glass Family

Hosting glass-family recipes

lola_ivan_glass 0 1 May 13 Request membership
Baldwin Family

Bestemor's Beloved Recipes and Family Favorites

Librarian 0 1 Dec 11 Invite only
Elma and Nedrough Woodruff Family

A place where we can shared our beloved recipes old and new.

aseely 0 1 Jul 16 Request membership
Padgett Family Cookbook

A Padgett family collection of their tried and true recipes,

Mebey 0 1 Jun 12 Request membership
Beaudette Family Cookbook

A cookbook made from the Beaduette's, Wilson's,Hickey's & more ....

hornehm2 1 1 Jul 13 Join
The University Dames - Recipe Exchange Group

A recipe exchange group for members of the University Dames in Oxford, MS.

dibrellk 1 1 Nov 14 Join
The Phebus Family Cookbook

The Phebus Family

AuntKacky 1 1 Oct 11 Request membership
Cabin 9

This recipe book is for families who belong to Cabin 9.

lpospishil 1 1 May 12 Request membership
Cello, Rosano and Abston Families

Cello, Rosano and Abston Families

cabston 1 1 Dec 12 Invite only
Bordt Family

Deliciously Keeping The Union Between Us All

Bordt 1 1 Apr 10 Request membership
Generations Cookbook

Family members from Basses, Nance's, Livingston's, Moseley's and Warner's who love to cook and share.

Michelle 1 2 Apr 12 Request membership
Hungry for a taste of home!

This book contains a combined collection of our families favorite recipes.

Zubweis 1 2 Nov 12 Request membership
We Three Girls

A place for me and the girls to keep old family recipes handy, and share new ones

charmcb 1 1 Nov 12 Request membership
Westbrook Family Cookbook

A collection of our family recipes

TDBenney 1 2 Jan 11 Request membership
Ganskopf Family Reunion Cookbook 2015

Ganskopf Family Recipes

jennydig 1 1 Mar 15 Join
Schmidt/Madden Family Recipes

Add your favorite recipes so we can all share!

scoleman 1 1 Sep 16 Request membership
Zoe's Cookbook

GSD Recipes

Zoe's Cookbook 1 1 Jun 12 Request membership
Schwartz Family Recipes

Ben and Myrna's Grandkids Cookbook

KimBlair 1 3 Jan 15 Request membership
All Our Kinfolks

A site for the family happenings and to create our family cookbook.

Brad_Misty Kidd 1 1 Jan 13 Request membership
The Warner Family

The Warner-Carillo family based out of Denver, Colorado. Pretty much the best family in the universe. ;)

kawarner 2 1 Jul 13 Request membership
Pergalation Friends and Family Recipes

A place for all are yummy recipes to go.

Jared Cox 2 1 Jun 13 Invite only
A place to share McGowan family recipes

McGowan family recipes

McGowanRecipes 2 3 Dec 13 Join
The Accumulation of Wylie Culinary Expertise

The Wylie Compilation of Joyous Cooking

Cheftastic 3 7 Jun 13 Invite only
Jones, McGill and Stuart's collection of recipes

Jones, McGill and Stuart's collection of recipes

KStuart 3 2 Mar 13 Request membership
Clover Hill Gang Recipe Book

Quillen Family recipes and memories.

Vickigavalas 4 1 Mar 12 Request membership
Plummer/Fox family

Plummer-Fox-Harkins-Gilmour family

KPlumm 4 2 Jan 10 Request membership
Clayton Family Recipes

Aunts, Uncles, Cousins keeping family recipes alive

lucyr025 4 3 Dec 13 Join
Lee family

Old and new family recipes

Adirondack 4 1 Jan 12 Closed
Atkinson-Thiringer Family and Friends

A collection of our favorite recipes.

sallyt057 7 1 Dec 11 Request membership
Kutz-Young Family Recipes

Kutz and Young Family Recipes

kutzl 9 4 Jul 10 Request membership
Jones-Dougan-Gower-Starnes Family

My family of Artie & Coy Jones, Floyd & Snoopie Dougan, Perry & Kathryn Gower, and me Janice Starnes.

Janice 9 2 Nov 14 Request membership
Crazy Kearns Family

Sharing recipes

kearnsbunch 9 2 Oct 14 Request membership
Critters Family

Critter belongs to the big kitties, the Pills of Moorpark

critter 9 3 Jul 09 Request membership
Gutmacher Family Recipes

Family recipes shared by the Gutamcher Family.

STrantas 10 3 Mar 15 Request membership


eget 11 4 Sep 10 Join
Public Recipes

Public recipes. Anyone can join. Consider this the worldwide family recipe group.

editor 15 7 Aug 09 Join
Pearce Family

The Pearce family of Southern Georgia.

recipebob 19 9 Aug 09 Request membership
VadeBonCoeur Family

"Welcome to the VadeBonCoeur family group. We're keeping track of the family recipes and have the option of recipes online or printing a cookbook.

tamlts 20 7 Jul 10 Request membership
Quinn Family

Quinn Family

quinnville 27 3 Feb 11 Request membership
The Whole Famdamily!

Collection of all the yummy stuff we create

suenjosh 33 7 Aug 12 Join
Muoio and Dalesio of NY and Ranelli and Spaziani of PA

Angelina Leone married Dionisio Dalesio, Grazella Leone married Giacamo Dalesio and Carmella Leone married Ranelli then Spaziani

dennis-muoio 41 4 Sep 10 Join
Norris-Mugar Family & Friends

Friends and Family of Adrienne & Jon

ctennie 60 8 Aug 13 Request membership
The Paige Pages

Family Heritage Recipes

kgraggncoh 90 2 Jan 12 Request membership
Pill Family

Pill family located in California, comprised of the Big Pills, the Little Pills and the Outlaws.

recipebob 99 9 Jul 09 Request membership
Grenawalt Family Cookbook

The Grenawalt Family of South Central Wisconsin

MargoG 141 14 Jul 11 Join