French Fried Shrimp with Batter

Butter Braised Sole

Butter with fish. I MEAN fish with butter! That's it.

Sole Almondine

The fish is good. Love the crunchy almonds. Ya-de-ya-de-ya. (No really. This fish is the bomb.)

Barbecued Shrimp

I have no idea why they are called Barbecued (BBQ) Shrimp, because they are not really barbecued. They’re baked in the oven at 350. But “Barbecued Shrimp” is the name this recipe is stuck with. If you go to any restaurant in New Orleans (or anywhere in south Louisiana) and order Barbecued Shrimp, you will be served some variation of this recipe. And it will always be accompanied by a hearty portion of French bread.
It’s good. Real good. That’s why it’s on menus all across the region. That’s also why everybody serves it with French bread. I mean, you need something to sop up all that good juju-ma-gumbo, right? And French bread fits that bill perfectly.

BBQ Spiced Salmon

The salmon takes on lots of our favorite BBQ flavor and is perfectly crispy. Then topped with some bright and fresh sweetness and even a little spicy kick…

Fish and Chips Fish

This is the iconic, beloved, comfort food of England: crispy cod or haddock and crunchy French fries with the traditional accompaniments of creamy, briny tartar sauce and malt vinegar.

Balsamic Glazed Salmon

A glaze featuring balsamic vinegar, garlic, honey, white wine and Dijon mustard makes baked salmon fillets extraordinary.

Shrimp Scampi Bake

Easy version of this classic with the wonderful 'zip' of Dijon-style mustard.

Crab Bomb

This is a wonderful recipe that is a knock off of the famous 'Crab Bomb" Served at Jerry's Seafood in a suburb of Washington D.C. It is rich with butter and most importantly, jumbo lump crab meat. The serving size is huge, about 1/2 lb per person.

Crispy Fish Fillets

Even people who aren't sure if they love fish will love these crunchy fillets! Quick and easy!"

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