Southwest Salsa

Loquat Corn and Black Bean Salsa

Loquat Salsa with corn, mint, black beans.

Loquat Coconut Pineapple Salsa

This fresh tropical fruit salsa made with loquats is a great appetizer for a Thai, Hawaiian or Mexican theme party - anywhere coconuts can be found!  It's also great with fish.

Loquat Peach Salsa

Loquat Peach Salsa, a tangy fresh fruit salsa made with sweet loquats straight off the loquat tree in the backyard.

Corn and Pear Salsa

Corn salsa with pear is a fresh fruit salsa perfect over fish or pork.

Fresh Salsa Picante

Preparing fresh salsa picante from scratch is easy. Why buy the store bought salsa when you can make a fresh batch of salsa picante in minutes.

Pear and Green Chile Salsa

Pear and Green Chile salsa is a lively combination of fruit and chile peppers bursting with great flavor. This fruit salsa is a perfect compliment to grilled fish, pork and chicken.

Cranberry Salsa

Fresh Cranberry Salsa is a tangy and terrific way to bring out the full cranberry goodness, it will jump out at you with flavor. Cranberry salsa goes perfect with turkey, pork and quail.

Mango Banana Habanero Salsa

Mango Banana Habanero Salsa is a wonderful tropical fruit salsa bursting with flavor. Very nice on grilled fish.

Habanero and Papaya Salsa

Here's a wonderful fruity salsa flavor that combines Habanero chiles with fresh Papaya. Tropical fruit and chile make a great salsa combination. Easy to prepare.

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