Ravioli has, hands down, been a family favorite since forever. Mom always made them with the cheese filling included here. You can, of course, use countless other fillings.

Mary prefers to make them just before we eat them. That's because you can't keep them in the refrigerator for any length of time. The moisture from the cheese will weep thru and you won't be able to use them (ask Jimmy). You'll have to freeze them if you make them any length of time ahead.

The macaroni recipe here is slightly different from the other in this collection. You'll need this bigger batch to use all the filling. If there's a bit of pasta left over, make spaghetti for a later side dish.

Gnocchi--Potato or Ricotta

Mom was not fond of Gnocchi. She could make them, but rarely did. We always had them when we visited relatives in Midland and Margie and I pressured her to teach us. It's one of those recipes that she just put together, nothing was measured. I've tried to break it down to something anyone could follow.

Baked Macaroni

This IS NOT like anything you'd get at a restaurant.

Aglio e Olio

Mom often made this on a Friday night and added anchovies as the last step. Only brother Bill would eat it.

Spaghetti Bolognese

Garbozo Bean Flour Pasta

I developed this recipe as an alternative to semolina pasta when I was on a no carbohydrate diet. Garbonzo beans or chickpeas or chiches are a legume. Most legumes when ground into flour are broken down in the digestive track and treated as starches. Garbonzo bean flour is the exception. It becomes a resistive starch and as such, travels through the body much like roughage. Therefore, there is no starch to sugar problem and it has the added benefit of being gluten free.


Meatballs and Spaghetti Sauce

From the Lucy McGregor/Serio Family Recipes 

Also known by our family as the "I Like This House Meatballs," - Quote from Will Cooper, age 4.  He was left at Mimi's house while his mom and dad went out of town.  He was having a little separation anxiety until he sat down to dinner and tasted this pasta dish and exclaimed he did indeed "like this house!"  In Mimi's opinion, these meatballs and sauce taste very much like that served at the old Brocato's Restaurant in Shreveport when she was a child.  

Ravioli, Ricotta filling

Good filling!

Pasta Caprese

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