When zucchini is plentiful I shred it and freeze 2 cups in a baggie.  It is easier to use fresh than to wait for the thawing.  Don't drain if using thawed.  This recipe was one my mother (Barbara Moran Mackie) found years ago and our whole family loves.  There are lots of variations out there, but this is simple and we serve it with sliced tomatoes and cucumbers or a salad or just by themselves.


This is comfort food.  Amy Koniencki and I love this.  My mother used to make if for Jackie and me and who knows where the recipe came from, but the Red Rabbit name had to be a version of rarebit.  We had a book we loved called The Little Rabbit Who Wanted Red Wings and I wonder if we adapted the name from that.

Ham and cheese hot pockets

Ham and cheese hot pockets

Ham and cheese hot pockets

Roasted sweet potato wraps with carmelized onions and pesto

Great for lunch or dinner, freeze well for easy leftovers.  While these seem labor intensive, they work out great for pulling out of the freezer later and having for an easy lunch or dinner.  

Buffalo Chicken Bites

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